TV200 Standard Twin-Plate Wide Format Mini-Gel Electrophoresis Unit

The TV200 20.5 x 10cm (W x H) wide format mini-gel units allows more samples to be screened on the same gel, eliminating the problems associated with comparing samples from 2 separate tape-cast mini-gels.

Twin-plate 20.5 x 10cm (W x H) wide format mini-gel unit designed specifically for Page techniques requiring self-cast gels
Wide format 20.5cm gel width effectively allows 2 mini-gels to be run within the same gel
Glass plate stops within the newly modified GRM - lock the glass plates firmly into position onto soft silicone gaskets in the casting base to ensure leak-free gel-casting
Additional gel casting with the optional TV400-CB cam-pin casting base or TV400-MC2 and 2 gel multicaster
Float glass plates 4mm thick - guarantee uniform gel thickness and even sample migration, and with ground edges to inhibit sample leakage during casting
Twin screws on each gel-clamp - act in conjunction with a counterbalanced, dovetailed silicone gasket to disperse pressure evenly along the height and breadth of the gel as the screws are tightened
Colour-coded combs and spacers available in 0.75, 1, 1.5 and 2mm thicknesses

Ordering Information

Complete System

Twin-plate wide format mini-gel unit with GRM and gel tank, lid, 2 x (20.5 x 10cm; W x H) plain glass plates, 4 x 1mm spacers, 2 x spacer aligners, 2 x (20.5 x 10cm) notched glass plates, 1 x dummy plate and 2 x 1mm thick 24-sample combsTV200753,17 €

Replacement Parts & Accessories

1 x TV200 gel-running moduleTV200-GRM397,94 €Add to your cart
2 x (20.5 x 10cm) plain glass plates with 0.75mm bonded spacers for TV200TV200-PGS0.7543,93 €
2 x (20.5 x 10cm) plain glass plates with 1mm bonded spacers for TV200TV200-PGS143,93 €Add to your cart
2 x (20.5 x 10cm) plain glass plates with 1.5mm bonded spacers for TV200TV200-PGS1.543,93 €
2 x (20.5 x 10cm) plain glass plates with 2mm bonded spacers for TV200TV200-PGS2please contact us
2 x (20.5 x 10cm) plain glass plates for TV200TV200-PG31,01 €
2 x (20.5 x 10cm) notched glass plates for TV200TV200-NG69,77 €Add to your cart
1 x (20.5 x 10cm) dummy plateTV200-DPplease contact us
2 x 0.75mm thick spacers for TV200TV200-S0.7520,67 €Add to your cart
2 x 1mm thick spacers for TV200TV200-S120,67 €
2 x 1.5mm thick spacers for TV200TV200-S1.520,67 €Add to your cart
2 x spacer aligners for TV200TV400-SA34,88 €
1 x cam-pin casting base with 2 silicone sealsTV400-CB217,06 €Add to your cart
2 x silicone seals for cam-pin casting baseTV400-CB-SEALSplease contact us
1 x caster system for 2 x (20.5 x 10cm) gradient wide format mini-gelsTV200-MC2448,32 €Add to your cart
2 x 0.2mm thick, platinum electrode wirePT-0.278,81 €
2 x 1 metre power leads with shrouded 4mm power output connectorsCABLE-450,39 €Add to your cart

Technical Specification


see ordering details
Unit Dimensions (WxDxH)30x15x14cm
Inner Tank Dimensions (WxDxH)27x11x11.5cm
Plate Dimensions (WxHxT)20.5x10x0.4cm
Standard Spacer Dimensions (WxHxT)2x20x0.1cm
Active Gel Dimensions (WxH)16.5x8.5cm
Maximum Sample Capacity2 x 48
Recommended Buffer Volume
Inner Buffer Chamber300ml
Gel Tank2800ml
Recommended Running Conditions for Denaturing/Native PAGE Gel
Voltage100 - 150V (10 - 15V/cm)
Current10 - 15mA
Time1.5 - 2h
Snap-lock Connectors for Cooling Coil
Inner Diametern/a
Outer Diametern/a
Quick-fit Tubing
Inner Diametern/a
Outer Diametern/a
Power Output Connectors (diameter)Shrouded, 4mm
Recommended Power SupplyConsort EV243

Order-NrThickness(mm)Sample ThroughputTooth Widt (mm)Tooth Height (mm)Max. Spacing (mm)Sample Volume
in a 5mm
Deep Weel (µl)
TV400-C0.35-240,35244,7552828,42 €Add to your cart
TV400-C0.35-36MC0,35362,552428,42 €
TV400-C0.75-18MC0,751862039028,42 €Add to your cart
TV400-C0.75-240,75244,752027128,42 €
TV400-C0.75-36MC0,75362,52023728,42 €Add to your cart
TV400-C0.75-480,75482,352013528,42 €
TV400-C1-18MC118620312028,42 €Add to your cart
TV400-C1-241244,752029528,42 €
TV400-C1-36MC1362,52025028,42 €Add to your cart
TV400-C1-481482,352014728,42 €
TV400-C1.5-18MC1,518620318028,42 €Add to your cart
TV400-C1.5-241,5244,7520214228,42 €
TV400-C1.5-36MC1,5362,52027528,42 €Add to your cart
TV400-C1.5-481,5482,352017028,42 €
ORDERNR-MC = Multichannel pipette compatible
Ordering Information
Technical Specifications

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