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The Vacuubrand® MZ 2C + 2 AK Vacuum Pump

The Vacuubrand® MZ 2C + 2 AK is a quiet, low maintenance, oilfree diaphragm pump that supplies the low vacuum necessary for fast gel drying with the GD-4534 and GD-5040 units.

MZ 2C + 2 AK

The chemistry vacuum system MZ 2C + 2 AK is equipped with an inlet and outlet separator. The inlet separator prevents roplets and particles from entering the pump. The outlet separator allows a controlled collection of condensed solvent apours and prevents condensate in the exhaust line from draining back into the pump.

Oil-free vacuum down to ~ 9mbar ultimate vacuum i.e. the lowest pressure that can be produced and measured reproducibly in a vacuum system at room temperature
Selected chemically resistant material
Gas ballast valve as standard for working with condensable vapours
High pumping speed sustained at nearly ultimate vacuum
Solvent recovery close to 100%
Long lifetime, easy-to-change diaphragms and valves
Quiet, low noise
Compact design
Efficient and environmentally friendly

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Complete System

Chemistry diaphragm pump MZ 2C mounted on pump support. Separator at inlet and outlet. On/off switch, cable with plug and instructions for use.68 80 18please contact us

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Technical Specification

MZ 2C + 2 AK

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Unit Dimensions (WxLxH)24.1x34.5x32.6cm
Vacuum PumpChemistry Diaphragm Pump, MZ 2C
Number of Stages2
Pumping Speed 50/60 Hz1.9m3/h / 2.1 m3/h // 1.2cfm
Ultimate Vacuum (total)9 mbar // 6.8 Torr
Ultimate Vacuum with Gas Ballast15 mbar // 11 Torr
Inlet Connection (IN)Hose nozzle NW 10mm
Outlet Connection (EX)Hose nozzle NW 10mm
Pump Flow Rate35L/min
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Technical Specifications

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