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GeneTools is an advanced, but easy to operate, 1-D gel and 2-D spot blot analysis software that can be purchased either as part of the 10 or separately for use with other 11 systems. An extensive and flexible array of analysis options enables GeneTools to handle a range of media, including gels, TLC plates, films and blots, while its many automated features allow gel images to be loaded, processed and quantified rapidly in as little as a few seconds.

Compatible with multiple media formats horizontal and vertical gels; MADGE gels, films, ELISA and TLC plates; and dot and slot blots
Other applications comprise molecular weight/base pair; Rf and band quantity determination; colony counting; densitometry; spot blot and band matching
Software automation ensures rapid image generation and data acquisition
Automatic band matching and analysis of multi-layered gels simultaneous analysis of multiple well lines per gel
Automatic correction of background and band and dot distortion
Automatic/manual marker assignment
Integral molecular weight calibration library
Full GLP reporting e.g. gel, lane, molecular weight, quantity and track histogram
Multiple data display options curves, bar charts, pie charts etc.
Results may be saved in Excel or *.CSV (comma-separated value) format for export

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