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The TVS1400 Single-Plate Large Format Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Unit

The Scie-Plas single-plate large format vertical gel electrophoresis unit is ideal for high-resolution techniques, such as DNA sequencing, DNase and RNase footprinting, and heteroduplex and oligonucleotide analysis, which require longer separation distances.

Optional FHS-KIT
  • Comprises a fan operated by a heat sensor temperature control unit
  • Gel temperature is set by manual adjustment of the dial on the front panel of the control unit
  • Fan is screwed onto the lid of the TVS1400 in place of the ventilation grille
  • Fan is activated within 4°C of the preset temperature
  • Separations performed in less than 2 hours at 55°C at 75W constant power

Nine different program settings each with 9 different parameters - allow more complex, multi-step techniques to be programmed and stored, while voltage ramping, automatic crossover and recovery after power failure are included as standard
Safety lid although light weight and easily detachable, the lid cannot be removed during electrophoresis without breaking the electrical circuit
High voltage 3kV output allows desired Volt-hours to be attained faster at maximum voltage during IEF resulting in shorter overall run time
Ventilation grille aids heat dispersal during electrophoresis and can be replaced by the optional thermostatic fan kit (see FHS-KIT)
4/2MMA adaptors compatible with the 2mm recessed outputs of the 8 - adapt the 4mm shrouded power connectors of the TV100YK and TV400YK units for lower voltage 2nd dimension SDS-PAGE
High voltage power cables oriented asymmetrically for correct polar orientation - with 2mm shrouded output connectors that are universally compatible with modern high voltage power supplies
Safety handles complimented by a new streamlined and light weight design - allow easy transportation around the lab
Spring-loaded plate clamps act in conjunction with counterbalanced silicone gaskets to maintain uniform gel thickness and even distribution of pressure across the 4mm thick float glass plates
Aluminium back plate serves as a heat sink to prevent sample distortion and 'smiling
Lower buffer chamber clips directly onto the anode and can also be used to drain buffer from the upper chamber
Optional FHS-KIT an adjustable, thermostatically controlled fan kit powered independently to maintain gel temperature
Melinex combs and spacers 0.25 and 0.35mm thick - precision machined for maximum loading accuracy and optimum band resolution

Ordering Information

Complete System

Single-plate vertical gel electrophoresis unit with integral GRM and aluminium back plate; upper and lower buffer chambers; lid, 2 x (33 x 41cm; W x H) plain glass plates, 2 x (33 x 41cm) notched glass plates, 2 x 0.35mm melinex spacers and 1 x 0.35mm thick 48-sample shark's tooth melinex combTVS1400please contact us

Replacement Parts & Accessories

2 x (33 x 41cm) plain glass plates for TVS1400TVS1400-PG110,00 €Add to your cart
2 x (33 x 41cm) notched glass plates for TVS1400TVS1400-NG105,00 €
2 x 0.35mm thick spacers for TVS1400TVS1400-S0.3540,00 €Add to your cart
Fan sensor kit including heat sensor temperature control unit, fan and mains power lead for TVS1400 (220-240Va.c.)FHS-KITplease contact us
2 x 0.2mm thick, platinum electrode wire for TVS1400PT-0.2128,00 €Add to your cart
2 x 1 metre power leads with shrouded 2mm power output connectors TVS1400CABLE-285,00 €

Technical Specification


see ordering details
Unit Dimensions (WxDxH)63x21.5x50cm
Plate Dimensions (WxHxT)33x41x0.4cm
Standard Spacer Dimensions (WxHxT)10x410x0.35mm
Active Gel Dimensions (WxH)29x38.5cm
Maximum Sample Capacity1 x 96
Recommended Buffer Volume
Upper Buffer Chamber1200ml
Lower Buffer Chamber1200ml
Recommended Running Conditions for 6% Denaturing PAGE Gel Using Passive Ventilation at 20°C Ambient Temperature
Power45 - 55W
Gel Temperature50 - 60°C
Time2.5 - 3h
Recommended Running Conditions for 6% Denaturing PAGE Gel Using FHS-KIT at 20°C Ambient Temperature
Gel Temperature55°C
Power Output Connectors (diameter)Shrouded, 2mm
Recommended Power SuppliesConsort EV232 & EV233


see ordering details
Unit Dimensions (WxDxH)9.6x14x8cm
Temperature Control Range0 - 100&de;C
Temperature Control Accuracy +/-2%
Fan Dimensions (WxDxH)12x12x3.8cm
Fan Operating Speed2700rpm
Flow Rate>84CFM
Noise Rating36 dBA

Order-NrThickness(mm)Sample ThroughputTooth Widt (mm)Tooth Height (mm)Max. Spacing (mm)Sample Volume
in a 5mm
Deep Weel (µl)
TVS1400-C0.35-40 0.35 40 4 5 3 7 please contact us
TVS1400-C0.35-60MC 0.35 60 2 5 2.5 3.5 please contact us

Shark's Tooth Combs

TVS1400-SC-M0.35-48 0.35 24 3 10 2.8 5 please contact us
TVS1400-SC-M0.35-60MC 0.35 60 2.5 10 5.6 4 please contact us
TVS1400-SC-M0.35-96 0.35 96 2.5 9 4.5 3.5 please contact us
ORDERNR-MC = Multichannel pipette compatible
Ordering Information
Technical Specifications

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