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CytoZyme Stablilized Pepsin

CytoZyme Stablilized Pepsin

CytoZyme Stabilized Pepsin is a liquid formulation of purified pepsin with enhanced shelf life used for preparing tissue samples for FISH assays. Tested to ensure consistent activity lot-to-lot, it is provided as a concentrate ready for dilution in Reaction Buffer.

Available in two concentrations: standard activity equivalent to Abbott Pretreatment Kit I and HC for higher activity than Abbott Pretreatment Kits II or IV, useful for digesting difficult FFPE tissues. Priced over 80% less than Abbott Kits, it significantly reduces operating expenses and cost per test.

  • Convenient, purified liquid formulation
  • Priced over 80% less than Abbott Kits
  • Standard or high concentrate formulations
  • Lot tested to ensure consistent activity
Retains full activity for >12 months at 4°C

Ordering Information
CytoZyme Reaction Buffer, 250 ml.2022-10-1Please contact us
CytoZyme Stabilized Pepsin, 50X Concentrate, 100 ml. Makes 5000 ml working solution.2022-00-31.166,00 €
CytoZyme Stabilized Pepsin, 50X Concentrate, 5 ml trial size. Makes 250 ml working solution2022-00-1Please contact us
CytoZyme Stabilized Pepsin, 50X Concentrate, 20 ml. Makes 1000 ml working solution.2022-00-2307,00 €
CytoZyme Reaction Buffer, 1000 ml.2022-10-2Please contact us
CytoZyme Reaction Buffer, 4000 ml.2022-10-3Please contact us
CytoZyme HC Stabilized Pepsin, 100 ml. Store at 4°C. Reaction Buffer required. 2022-02-32.282,00 €
CytoZyme HC Stabilized Pepsin, 20 ml. Store at 4°C. Reaction Buffer required.2022-02-2527,00 €
Ordering Information

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