Automatic Metaphase Harvesting

Automatic Metaphase Harvesting

Automatic metaphase harvesting is a technique that may be applied all common sample types that are cultured for subsequent cytogenetic analysis.

Typically, automatic metaphase harvesting may offer several attractions to a typical cytogenetics laboratory, where the deployment of workforce resource is a compromise between tasks of necessity such as sample processing, including set up, culturing and harvesting and skilled 'added value' analysis.

Automatic metaphase harvesting streamlines laboratory workflow and also allows for a significant cost savings within the laboratory.

MP Genie - Overview

CellSprint Overview

Developed specifically for cytogenetics consistent results and improved quality Uniquely utilises self-sealing buckets to minimise aerosol production and prevent spill-based cross-contamination.
Processes rapidly 5 dishes simultaneously Integrated fix mixing module
Fully automatic, fixative is mixed fresh in user defined ratios (usually 3:1) Inline hypotonic warming device
Containment of fixative aerosols and vapours - integrated fume extractor On line scales (optional with CS24) to sound an alarm should you run short of reagents or the waste bottle become full.
Very small footprint - can be accommodated anywhere in the laboratory. Self-sealing buckets to minimise aerosol production and prevent spill-based cross-contamination.
In Situ - Genie
MultiPrep Genie 205™ Cytogenetic In Situ Culture Harvester[more]
Suspension - CellSprint
MultiPrep CellSprint™ Automated Cytogenetic Suspension Culture Harvester[more]

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