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Procell Cytogenetic Reagents

Procell Cytogenetic Reagents

At its inception, GGS commercialised the ProCell Cytogenetics Reagents line which it markets the world over. This product range was developed in collaboration with scientists working in a clinical oncology cytogenetics unit. The ProCell range is designed to improve culture failure rates, mitotic index, metaphase spreading, banding resolution and overall quality of bone marrow, lymphoma, solid tumour, blood, CVS and Amniocentesis samples for cytogenetic analysis. ProCell reagents are being used by laboratories the world .

Ordering Information

Anticlotting Reagent - Powder for 100 mls solution

GGS-JL001198,00 €

Bone Marrow Growth Supplement - 20 ml

GGS-JL002198,00 €

Lymphocyte Growth Supplement - 10 ml

GGS-JL002/L110,00 €

Chromosome Resolution Additive - 1 ml

GGS-JL003/a88,00 €

Cytoclear - 1 ml

GGS-JL004220,00 €

Optimal Hypotonic Solution - Powder for 250 ml solution

GGS-JL005/a49,00 €

Optimal Hypotonic Solution - Powder for 1000 ml solution

GGS-JL005/b149,00 €

Buffered Hypotonic Solution - Powder for 250 ml solution

GGS-JL006/a48,00 €

Buffered Hypotonic Solution - Powder for 1000 ml solution

GGS-JL006/b149,00 €

Prehypotonic Solution - 5ml

GGS-JL007132,00 €

Metaphase Arresting Solution - Powder for 100 ml solution

GGS-JL008347,00 €

Erythrocyte Lysis Solution - Vial of saturated liquid

GGS-JL009347,00 €

Solid Tumour Growth Supplement - 20ml

GGS-JL010198,00 €

Lymphoma Growth Supplement - 20ml

GGS-JL011198,00 €

Skin Growth Supplement - 10ml

GGS-JL012198,00 €

PoC Growth Supplement - 10ml

GGS-JL013198,00 €
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