POC Growth Supplement

POC Growth Supplement

Is a media additive that greatly improves cell growth and morphology in primary cells found in post-mortem foetuses and products of conception (POC) in culture by exposing these cells to growth factors and cofactors that are known growth promoters. And it has a marked stimulatory effect on post-mortem foetuses and products of conception (POC) cells in culture. It is a complex mixture containing growth factors and cofactors dissolved in a buffered DMEM medium.

Advantages that will be seen in POC cultures are the following:

  • a significant improvement in cell growth
  • improved morphology
  • a decrease in turn-around times due to better growth

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PoC Growth Supplement - 10mlGGS-JL013198,00 €

Technical Specification


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POC Growth Supplement is a 10x concentrate, so should be used at an end concentration 10% v/v in normal foetal calf supplemented culture medium (Hams
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Technical Specifications

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