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MicroFISH Slides

MicroFISH Slides

The MicroFISH Assay System combines a new generation of microvolume, multiwell slides designed for cytogenetic applications with a simple workflow using SciGene's slide hybridization and processing equipment to form a simple and economical system for performing routine cellular FISH. The throughput can vary from very few tests being manually processed to high troughput being highly automated processed.

The MicroFISH Assay System workflow consists of:

1. Pre Hyb Processing
The 'MicroFISH Slides' new developed and unique with huge benefits in cost savings and hands on time. Drying of cells is done for 10 minutes at 90°C using the CytoBrite Duo Slide Incubation System.

2. Hybridization
There are several instruments for the hybridization/incubation process depending on the throughput.
CytoBrite Slide Incubation System for low and medium throughput or in addition the CytoBrite Slide Oven for high troughput solutions.

3. Post Hyb Processing
The Little Dipper Processor for FISH. is ready to use for the processing of MicroFish slides. The coverslips simply fall off during the washing process and are captured within the bath through a mesh for save removal.

Applications & Benefits
Simple workflow reduces labor > 50%
Uses only 1 µl probe per sample
Reduces probe cost per test > 80%
1 µl of cells per well conserves samples
Run 8 probes per patient on one slide
Single coverslip for 8 samples
Coverslip seals without rubber cement
Automated coverslip removal and slide washing

Ordering Information
MicroFISH Slides2040-10-125/pkPlease contact us
FISH Hybridization Chamber Replacement Absorbent Pads, 10/Pack2040-32-1178,00 €
FISH Hybridization Chamber. Holds 36 slides. Includes Absorbent Pads (10/Pack).2040-38-02.490,00 €

Technical Specification
Capacity8 samples per slide
SizeDiameter per cavity 5mm
Volume1 mikroliter volume per well
DimensionsCoverslip seals without sealant
Single Coverslip
Format and workflow automamtion compatible
Slide Dimension76 x 26 x 1 mm, cut edges , single frosted end
Applications & Benefits
Ordering Information
Technical Specifications

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