Gel imaging InGenius

Gel imaging InGenius

InGenius3 is the perfect choice for low budget gel documentation and analysis fluorescence applications. It features a compact darkroom which has a sliding front door and an internal LED white light.

InGenius3 has a 3m pixel camera and can produce images with 16 bit image depth. A manual zoom lens and manual filter drawer (includes a UV filter) completes the package.

There are two options of transilluminator - both models can slide out of the darkroom to aid cutting and viewing. One option is the slimline 302nm transilluminator for UV applications. This can be used with an optional converter for white light applications. InGenius3 can also be used with the Ultra-Slim LED blue light transilluminator.

The system is controlled by the new GeneSys software. An external PC is required optimised for Windows 7 Pro and with a screen resolution set to a minimum of 768 vertical.

The system comes complete with GeneTools analysis software.

Access your images anywhere, at any time and from any computer, smartphone and tablet using the new 'Status Link' feature which is ideal for any busy laboratory.


Applications & Benefits
Low budgetInGenius3 is the perfect choice when budget and size are the most important considerations.
High resolutionInGenius3 uses a high resolution 3m pixel camera with a 16 bit image output.
SoftwareThe InGenius3 system is provided with GeneSys image capture and manipulation software providing access to a wide range of application and hardware control functions.
Manual systemAllows the user to select filters using a filter drawer, control lighting and the camera lens.
The InGenius3 system is the ideal economical choice. Its compact and versatile design minimises the loss of vital laboratory space and allows a wide range of fluorescence imaging to be performed.

Ordering Information
IngGenius 3 System
InGenius 3, 3MP 12/16bit system,
With epi LED white lights, filter drawer & UV filter. Supplied with GeneSys and 4 copies of GeneTools. Max image size 20x20cm. Transilluminator & converter not supplied please select required source from list below

Camera 3.0MP camera , 12/16 bit
Lenses Manual zoom6,5 - 39 , lens f1.4
Image size Max. 20 x 20cm
Filter exchange Filter drawer
IG3Please contact us
Filters 58mm diameter
572 - 630nm / UV032 / IncludedFILTUV-58316,00 €
515 - 599 nm / SW032FILTSP-58520,00 €
615 - 644 nm / LW032FILTLP-58449,00 €
Go to Filter SelectorFilter Selectorinclusive
Overhead White Light
Included in every InGenius is an integral white LED EPI lighting system for the viewing of visible light blots, sample positioning and when imaging colorimetric markers on Western blots.
Blue Light Transilluminator
An LED transilluminator operating at 470nm is suitable for use with a range of dyes including all the 'safe-dyes' which are used as an alternative to Ethidium bromide.
Blue slimline LED transilluminator, 10x12cm + sliding trayGE-ULTRA-SLIM-LED697,00 €
UV Transilluminator slide out
Transilluminator (20 x 20cm; 365nm) 230V, 50Hz with runnersGE-2020L-E844,00 €
Transilluminator (20 x 20cm; 302nm) 230V, 50Hz with runnersGE-2020M-E898,00 €
Transilluminator (20 x 20cm; 254nm) 230V, 50Hz with runnersGE-2020S-E855,00 €
Visible light converter ( for use with UV Transilluminator)GE-CONVERT5133,00 €
Replacement Tubes
Short wave tube, 8W, 254nmSWT823,00 €
Medium wave, 8W, 302nmMWT830,00 €
Longwave 8W, 365nmLWT824,00 €
Safety Screen
Safety screenUV-Screen345,00 €
No PC or Touch Panel PC is supplied, please select from list below
PC-STDPC-STD1.320,00 €
GeneSys SoftwareGeneSys-Softwareinclusive
GeneTools Software (4 copies)GeneTools-Software-4linclusive
GeneDirectory Database softwareGENEDIRECTORY-DB1.642,00 €
Neutral field screens for UV neutral fielding (1 blue, 1 frosted).GE-NFS30,00 €
Microplate Viewer Anti parallex trayMPVIEWER570,00 €
Any printer with appropriate Windows drivers can be attached to the GeneGnome. We recommend a thermal A6 printer such as Sony or Mitsubishi. These USB printers will 'plug and play' with the GeneGnome and require minimal setup. They will print hard copies of blots in under 5 seconds on long life glossy thermal paper to give photographic quality images.
Mitsubishi Digital Thermal PrinterP95DW1.162,00 €
Thermal paper, Matt, 1 rollK65HM23,00 €
Thermal paper, Glossy, 1 rollK91HG23,00 €

Technical Specification
Sensor1/3 inch
Resolution3 million pixels
Image depth12/16 bit
Dynamic range3.6 - 4.8
LensManual zoom 6.5 - 39, F1.4
Maximum viewing area20 x 20cm
Slim UV transilluminator 20 x 20cm - various single and dual wavelengths are availableOption
UltraSlim-LED blue light transilluminator 10 x 12cm Option
White Epi overheadYes
UV/visible light NovaGlo converterOption
GeneSys image captureYes
GeneTools image analysisYes
Conversion screen
NovagloUV to visible
Dimensions (h x d x w) cm62 x 37.5 x 40

Dr. Konstantinos Gerasimidis, Lecturer in Clinical Nutrition
University of Glasgow, Scotland

We decided to upgrade our gel doc to an InGenius system because we found the InGenius is more sensitive than others we looked at in the same price range, and we can save our images in a TIFF format. This is important to us, as we can still use the existing DNA analysis software that we like to analyse our gel images.

We are looking for microbial DNA stained with SYBR Green in colonic samples taken from children with chronic digestive diseases. The DNA bands on our gels are often low intensity so we need an imager which can detect these. Syngene's technical team is very honest and they advised us on the right lighting and filter combination to allow us to easily visualise our DNA. We're very pleased we purchased an InGenius.

Applications & Benefits
Ordering Information
Technical Specifications

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