Gel imaging GeneGnome XRQ

Gel imaging GeneGnome XRQ

The new GeneGnomeXRQ is dedicated to chemiluminescence imaging. This system is built for high performance and automation and now features a next generation high quantum efficiency Syngene CCD camera for even greater sensitivity. A very simple set-up process means a single 'click' will automatically capture a quality image of any Western blot .

Western blot imaging has never been so easy than with the GeneGnome XRQ. The system automatically selects the right imaging conditions for any blot irrespective of the chemiluminescent reagents being used. All chemiluminescence applications can easily be handled by the GeneGnome XRQ and can produce superb images even from the faintest of signals.

The compact instrument sits on any laboratory bench taking up very little space. The GeneGnome XRQ is available in three variants

  • GeneGnome XRQ complete with monitor and built-in processor
  • GeneGnome XRQ NM complete with built-in processor but no monitor (use own monitor)
  • GeneGnome XRQ NPC with no monitor or built-in processor (use own monitor and computer)
The system comes complete with unlimited copies of GeneTools analysis software.

GeneGnome XRQGeneGnome XRQ

Applications & Benefits
Optimised - for imaging chemiluminescence Western blotsGeneGnome XRQ is configured for maximum sensitivity to ensure even the faintest band on a blot can be captured.
Sensitive cooled cameraThe high quantum efficiency cooled CCD camera is very sensitive to low level light emissions from a blot. The peltier cooled camera has exceptional ?signal to noise? performance resulting in virtually undetectable background noise. The short ?camera to sample? distance further enhances the ability to work with chemiluminescence samples and reagents. When compared to film, the GeneGnome XRQ has more than double the dynamic range. This allows for extremely accurate quantification.
Small footprintThe GeneGnome XRQ has a very small footprint and takes up minimal bench space. The automatic slide-out drawer allows easy sample handling. The fixed aperture and focus of the lens results in a very simple set-up procedure making image capture as simple as a click of a mouse button.
The GeneGnome XRQ really is the complete package. Just plug in a monitor, mouse and keyboard and you are ready to go.

Ordering Information
GeneGnome Systems
For chemiluminescence only. 4MP imaging 16bit camera with 73% QE @425nm with fixed f0.9 lens. Includes epi LED white light. With GeneSys software & unlimited copies of GeneTools. Viewing area 11x8cm
GeneGnome XRQ, 16bit system with f0.95 lens + monitorGGNOME-XRQPlease contact us
GeneGnome XRQ, 16bit system with f0.95 lens, no monitorGGNOME-XRQ-NMPlease contact us
GeneGnome XRQ 16 bit system with f0.95 lens, no processor or monitorGGNOME-XRQ-NPCPlease contact us
GeneSys SoftwareGeneSys-Softwareinclusive
GeneTools Software (unlimited copies)GeneTools-Softwareinclusive
GeneDirectory Database softwareGENEDIRECTORY-DB1.642,00 €
Any printer with appropriate Windows drivers can be attached to the GeneGnome. We recommend a thermal A6 printer such as Sony or Mitsubishi. These USB printers will 'plug and play' with the GeneGnome and require minimal setup. They will print hard copies of blots in under 5 seconds on long life glossy thermal paper to give photographic quality images.
Mitsubishi Digital Thermal PrinterP95DW1.162,00 €
Thermal paper, Matt, 1 rollK65HM23,00 €
Thermal paper, Glossy, 1 rollK91HG23,00 €
No PC or Touch Panel PC is supplied, please select from list below
PC-STDPC-STD1.320,00 €
Dell tablet Atom Based510-00070-00750,00 €
Dell tablet Core i5 based510-00076-001.163,00 €
Dell tablet docking station510-00071-001.163,00 €
Nobel Wedge Lock for Del tablet510-00072-0071,00 €

Technical Specification
Image resolution (pixels m)4
Effective resolution (pixels m)16
A/D16 bit
Quantum efficiency @ 425nm73%
Cooling regulated (degrees)-57°C
Lens (motor driven)f0.9 fixed focus
Use with external PCOption
Epi LED white lightsYes

Professor Ales Vancura
Department of Biological Sciences, St John's University, New York, USA

We have been using the GeneGnome since 2003 for imaging Western blots to determine how changes in phospholipase C affect the regulation of proteins during mitosis. During this time we have only had to make one change to the hardware, which Syngene came in and did on-site. When we need to purchase another chemiluminescent imager, we'll definitely go for another from Syngene because using a GeneGnome and working with Syngene has been an entirely positive experience.

Applications & Benefits
Ordering Information
Technical Specifications

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