Gel imaging GeneTools

Gel imaging GeneTools

Automatic image analysis for all gel applications

GeneTools analysis software is intuitive, easy to navigate and includes comprehensive tools to provide a full range of analysis capabilities for many different applications including; chemiluminescence, chemifluorescence, fluorescence, colorimetric imaging and colony counting.

GeneTools is supplied with every Syngene system and comes with free upgrades for life. Unlimited copies offered with all G:BOX and GeneGnome systems.

GeneTools software supports 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Applications & Benefits
Band analysis/densitometryIdeal for 1D analysis, the software has automatic lane and peak detection. GeneTools software automatically compensates for smiling or distorted bands and tracks. Molecular weight or base pair values can be calculated using standards from one or more tracks. Quantification can also be automatically calculated from standards in a number of ways. Detailed results can be instantly printed or transferred to Word or Excel.
Band matching Band matching can be performed by position, defined Rf or calibrated molecular weight/base pair value.
Automatic molecularAutomatic molecular weight/base pair calculations for sample bands based on standards from one or more lanes. GeneTools has a library of markers for automatic or manual assignment which are user configurable.
Multi-tier analysis for high throughput screeningEspecially useful for analysing high throughput gels such as E-Gel (Invitrogen, UK). GeneTools software provides multi-well line functions with automatic track alignment.
Manual band quantificationThe user can manually quantify bands, spots or other objects on a sample. All data is instantly exportable to Microsoft Excel.
Spot blot analysisAutomatic detection of spots using a spot grid, quantitative and incidence analysis. The software can also perform multiple background subtraction methods.
Colony countingAutomatic counting of two colour colonies with the ability to count light and dark colonies on the same plate.
Export results to Microsoft Excel and WordCustomised results tables can be exported to either Microsoft Word or Excel.
Report generationSaves reports with customised protocols designed by the user. All reports are compliant with CRF 21 Part 11.

Ordering Information
GeneTools Software (unlimited copies)GeneTools-Softwareinclusive

Dr. Emily Taylor, Laboratory Manager
Department of Pharmacology, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

We have had wonderful service from Syngene in the past with our GeneGnome systems so we're used to using the GeneTools analysis software and we like it. When it came to finding a system for imaging fluorescent Western blots in 2013, we chose the PXi Touch because the system performed well alongside a laser based scanner but was less expensive and came with a longer warranty.

We now use the PXi Touch to perform multiplex fluorescent blotting work and interchange fluorescence and chemi on the same blot to obtain great accuracy and reproducibility of results. Since the PXi Touch is easy for everyone in our laboratory to use with minimal training, we have even got the white light box and transilluminator so we can extend its use for imaging protein and DNA gels as well. In short, we are very pleased with our PXi Touch as the system does exactly what Syngene said it would!

Applications & Benefits
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