Chemiluminescence Applications

Chemiluminescence Applications

Syngene, with its imaging expertise, has pioneered the development of chemiluminescent imaging systems with its GeneGnome product, designed specifically for easy set-up. The systems have a cooled CCD camera which reduces background noise that can occur electronically within the camera when using long exposure time. However, with Syngene's advanced technology, even the most complex chemiluminescence imaging is possible.

Applications & Benefits
Precise chemiluminescence imagingWith a GeneGnome you can use kits such as the ECL western blotting kit where HRP (Horse Radish Peroxidase) oxidises luminol to produce light or the CDP-Star® kit where a 1, 2-dioxetane compound is dephosphorylated by alkaline phosphatase to generate light.
Low level detection The benefits of using chemiluminescence imaging are that you can detect proteins that are expressed at a low level (sometimes as low as the femtogram range) as chemiluminescence is more sensitive than fluorescence and has a broader dynamic range. Additionally, since chemiluminescent light is generated internally you have to worry less about sample integrity as chemiluminescent labels do not damage samples in the way that fluorescent labels can do.
Accurate automated analysisWith Syngene's GeneSys software you can automate the imaging of chemiluminescent blots. With GeneSys you simply select the substrate you are using. The system will quickly assess the blot and then capture an image automatically whether you are looking for speed or high quality, dependant on the substrate selected. You can analyse the images with Syngene's GeneTools software which separates bands or spots and analyses them to automatically provide precise results in seconds.

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GeneGnome XRQ is dedicated to chemiluminescence imaging. A simple set-up process means a single 'click' will automatically capture a quality image of any western blot.GeneGnome XRQGeneGnome XRQPlease contact us
Compact and easy to use, PXi/PXi Touch offer full automation in the capture of chemiluminescent and fluorescent blots, visible gels and blots and even 2D gels.PXi/PXi TouchPXi/PXi TouchPlease contact us
Applications & Benefits
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