Fluoerescence Applications

Fluoerescence  Applications

Syngene, with its imaging expertise, has pioneered the development of automated gel documentation systems since 1985 to bring you world leading gel imaging systems. Within these ranges you?ll find the perfect gel doc system to suit your budget and the level of sophistication your fluorescence imaging demands.

Applications & Benefits
Rapid DNA, RNA and protein gel imagingYou can use a G:BOX, PXi, InGenius, U:Genius or DigiGenius to rapidly visualise Ethidium bromide, GelRed™, GelGreen™ and dyes from the SYBR® range. You can perform accurate fluorescent protein gel imaging using SYPRO® and ProQ® dyes.
Easy multiplex western blot imagingYou can fit specific Syngene band pass filters and our exclusive LED lighting modules into a G:BOX. As soon as the LED lighting module is plugged in, the GeneSys software automatically selects the best combination of lighting and filters available, making imaging Alexa Fluor® and Qdot® ranges or the FITC derived stains such as DyLight™ quick and simple.
Safe imagingYou can accurately image DNA, RNA or protein gels with many non-toxic stains using a Syngene blue light transilluminator. Additionally, if you want to minimise damage to your sample you can use a G:BOX for UV shadowing, to visualise unstained DNA or RNA.
Accurate automated analysisYou can capture one or multiple images of the 1D gel, blot or plate with Syngene's GeneSys software and then analyse the images captured with Syngene's GeneTools software to provide accurate results, at the press of a button.

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The new generation G:BOX with high resolution camera and the application controlled GeneSys software for all fluorescence requirements.G:Box F3G:Box F3Please contact us
DigiGenius is designed for those on a limited budget who require a gel imaging system offering a quick and easy way of capturing digital images from a range of media.DigiGeniusDigiGeniusPlease contact us
The low budget InGenius3 gel imaging and analysis system is suitable for standard fluorescence applications. InGenius3 features a 3 million pixel camera.InGeniusInGeniusPlease contact us
A compact, complete gel documentation (gel doc) system with integral processor and touch screen - a complete imaging system for your 1D needs.U:GeniusU:GeniusPlease contact us
NuGenius is a new generation, low cost, small footprint gel documentation system for all your DNA and protein gel/blot applications.NuGenius-orderNuGenius-orderPlease contact us
Applications & Benefits
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