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VeriOven Datalogger Kit A

VeriOven Datalogger Kit A

Hybridization Oven
Temperature Verification

Hybridization ovens can vary in their temperature range over time. The quality of the experiments are related to the target temperature and the deviation from this temperature.

The measurement, verification and adjustment of the hybridization temperature is very important.

In most laboratories this is not covered by service contracts.

AlphaMetrix makes it easy to perform this test using the VeriOven Datalogger Kit.

The engine is the compact, innovative temperature data logger compliant with the Agilent hybridization oven Calibration procedure. The VeriOven Datalogger can directly connect via USB to the computer, as well as display data on the build in numeric screen. The stored data can be downloaded and reviewed.

The VeriOven Datalogger is dust and waterproof and tested to meet highest laboratory standards.

The calibration of the
hybridization oven should be
done regularly for accuracy of
the collected data.

  • After first installation in a working environment
  • After each 3 months of use
  • When systematic high microarray background noise may indicate a drift in oven temperature

Many factors influence the success
of DNA hybridization assays.

  • The length, composition and sequence of the probes.
  • Whether the assay is solution based or solid phase.
  • The hybridization and wash buffer compositions.
  • The temperature of the hybridization.

Applications & Benefits
The VeriOven Datalogger Kit contains
- VeriOven Datalogger
- Fixation to Agilent Oven Rotor
- Complementary Software
- Magnetic Datalogger Starter
- VeriOven Datalogger Kit Manual
- Agilent HybOven Calibration Procedure
- Temperature Calibration Certificate against NIST Standard (optional)

Ordering Information
VeriOven Kit (Agilent) VOK8000-AGI8,000 data points288,00 €
ISO Temperature Calibration CertificateVOK8000-iso-AGI364,00 €
DKD/DAkkS Temperature Calibration CertificateVOK8000-DAkkS-AGI393,00 €

Technical Specification
Temp Range:up to 80 °C
Resolution/ Accuracy:0.1 °C / 0.3 °C
Capacity22h with 1 data point every 10 seconds
Sampling rate:1 sample per second to 1 sample per 2 hours
ConnectionUSB 2.0 communication
BatterySelf-replaceable 3V lithium battery CR2032
Dimensions11 x 3.9 x 2.6 cm
Weight45.5 gr
DisplayLCD with decimal point. Low battery indication
SoftwareComplementary ML Lite for Windows 7 Also available ? DP Software 21 CFR Part 11
ComplianceDust and water proof 30 minutes at 0.5 m depth CE, FCC
Applications & Benefits
Ordering Information
Technical Specifications

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