About us

AlphaMetrix Biotech is setup to serve in the health care diagnostic and research marketplace with a focus on tissues as the main source of cells.

Amongst others our customers are universities, Max Planck and Helmholz institutes, pharma-, life science- , routine- and research labs. Alphametrix was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Roedermark, Hessen, just about 30 minutes from the Frankfurt airport.

We are a sales agency and distributor for molecular diagnostic and research tools.
In this field the company is focused on selling and supporting instruments and reagents for DNA/RNA and Protein processing quality control and analysis.

The application areas served are geneexpression, miRNA’s, CGH, ChIP-chip and SNP’s, but also sequencing, especially sequence enrichment and it’s automation.

We are a sales Agency in certain parts of Germany for Agilent and exclusive Distribur for Scigene in Europe.

Another branch is the distribution of tissue arrayers and related technologies like instruments for freezing, cutting and hybridization. Application areas are oncology Research, antibody testing and we are exclusive distributor in Germany for Estigen (former Beecher).

A complete line of electrophoresis products, horizontal and vertical gel chambers, specialized systems and power supplies, is distributed on a non-exclusive base.

We offer a testing and qualification service in Germany and Austria for PCR and qPCR cyclers and amongst others our customers are pharma- and diagnostic labs as well as governmental and federal research labs.

The company is also acting as a consultant for the biotech industry and has successfully worked for example with the RZPD (Deutsches Ressourcenzentrum fuer Genomforschung) to enable a management buyout in 2007.

Alpha Metrix Biotech GmbH
Carl-Zeiss-Straße 41
D-63322 Rödermark
Phone +49 60 74 211 62 40
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