Manual Tissue Arrayer MTA-1

The manual arrayer allows for relatively easy construction of tissue microarrays with several hundred specimens. Typical size of an array is ~500 cases. Manual tissue arrayer MTA-I is the entry-level equipment necessary to start up a productive TMA facility. It is an affordable, manually operated high-precision arraying equipment. Skilled users can create arrays with more than 500 samples per slide with this unit.

Each manually operated tissue arrayer instrument is shipped with:

  • two pairs of punches with stylets, in size 0.6 mm diameter
  • one recipient block holder
  • one donor block bridge
  • operating manual containing detailed instructions for making tissue microarrays
  • tool set for adjusting the arrayer
  • add-on riser block feet to accommodate thicker recipient blocks
  • the manual arrayer has 1 year parts and labor warranty

Recipient Block Indexer for MTA-1

Recipient block indexer, a rotating recipient block holder that holds four blocks at a time and speeds up the concurrent production of multiple blocks.

Punches & Stylets (Consumables)

Punches are sold as matched pairs (one for the donor block and another for the recipient block).

Which punch size to choose? Standard size punches: 0.6 mm diameter


  • less damage to the donor block
  • more samples from any given donor
  • more samples in any given recipient block
  • easiest to remove the cores from the donor blocks
  • easiest to remove the blank cores from the recipient block

Custom-size punches: 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 mm diameter


  • More robust, harder to damage (e.g., during training)
  • larger individual sample size Potential Disadvantages:
  • A tiny fraction of users have reported blocks broken by the larger punches.
  • A larger but still small fraction of users have reported difficulty in removing cores from blocks when using the larger punches.

Ordering Information

Personal Tissue Arrayer I
Manual version, delivered with one Recipient Block Holder, one Donor Block Bridge, 2 sets of Punches
01-MTA11.650,00 €
Personal Tissue Arrayer I complete
Manueller Tissue Arrayer for production of Tissue Arrays up to 1.000 cores on one slide Depth Stop Kit for holding the donor punch just above the recipient block, Magnifying Lamp
01-MTA-K12.600,00 €
Depth Stop Kit
Includes 5 depth stops in 1-mm increments from 3 to 7 mm to stop the donor punch when sampling the donor block. Kit also includes a companion set of depth stops for holding the donor punch just above the recipient block when depositing tissue. Use of preset stops enables simple control of the length of the tissue core, providing more consistent results and less waste. Excellent operation tool for experienced users as well as training aid for new users.
01-DSK537,00 €
Recipient block carousel
Rotating recipient block holder that holds 4 blocks at a time and speeds up concurrent production of similar blocks simultaneously.
01-RBC2.265,00 €
1.0mm Punch Set for MTA-1MTA-PS10250,00 €
1.5mm Punch Set for MTA-1MTA-PS15250,00 €
2.0mm Punch Set for MTA-1MTA-PS20250,00 €
0.6mm Punch Set for the MTA-1, Pack of 10MTA-PS06_101.890,00 €
0.6mm Punch Set for MTA-1MTA-PS06210,00 €

Technical Specification

Computer-assisted region selection-
Automated XY movements-
Automated sample core retrieval-
Speed: cores/hour30-70
Max block capacity4
Computer controlled operation-
Array design software-
Log file-
Smallest recommended punch size0.6
Donor block height3cm

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