Multi-type Sample DNA/RNA Extraction-Purification Kit (Magnetic Beads Method)

Applications & Benefits

The magnetic beads and buffer system with unique separation effect can be used to extract high-purity viral DNA/RNA from samples quickly, highly sensitively and efficiently. The ex1racted and purified nucleic acid can be used in various common downstream experiments such as restriction digestion, reverse transcription, PCR, RT-PCR, Southernblot, etc.

Method Advantage:

CD. Safe and efficient @. Less time requirement

Extraction process:

Add lyse- add magnetic bead- separate magnetic bead-washing- Separate magnetic

Product advantage:

CD. High sensitivity: High-quality nucleic acid can be ex1racted after the positive samples are diluted by 104 and 107 respectively 10″4 @. Good repeatability: Good repeatability of extracting the same sample

Reagent For BNP32/48

Reagent For BK-HS32/AutoHS96

Reagent For BNP96

Reagent For BK-HS96


NameSpecificationNote Mark
Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit 150T/BoxManual
Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit II32T/64T/96T/BoxBK-HS32/ BK-AutoHS96
Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit III96T/BoxBK-HS96
Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit IV96T/BoxBNP96
Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit V64T/BoxBNP-32&48

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