T-Type Temperature Qualification

The Digital Thermometer Logger for Hybex T-Type data loggers record measurement data continuously and reliably and offer you the possibility of complete documentation, which is usually required for verifiable quality control. The data loggers are characterized by a high degree of ease of use, reliability and data security. Thanks to the non-volatile memory, measurement data cannot be lost even if the batteries are completely empty.

Ordering Information

Temp Logger1051-AM-1i2 Digital thermometer (Logger) with ISO Certificate two Temp 345,00 €
Temp Logger1051-52-1 Immersion Probe for Digital Thermometer 87,00 €
Temp Logger1051-AMx-2iTwo channel T-Logger for control of SciGene equipment 345,00 €
Temp Logger1051-AMx-2DTwo channel T-Logger (Testo 175) w. DAkkS Cal Cert 390,00 €

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