AlphaMetrix NoZone develops enclosures in different sizes and shapes for different requirements.
Enclosures are also offered for working on array material and in combination with space for a scanner.
Standard housings are available for various array scanners from Agilent, Innopsys, Molecular Devices and Perkin Elmer.

Compact, flexible high precision tube and plate heating system with heated lid. System consists of a heating base with a variety of interchangeable, removable blocks for widely used tubes and plates. A waterbath insert (625 ml) is also available for heating buffers for washing microarrays or other applications.

  • Specified by Illumina for NGS sample prep and BeadChip applications
  • Specified by Affymetrix for QuantiGeneView assays
  • Regulates sample temperatures ± 0.1°C
  • Heated lid minimizes cap condensation
  • Blocks for 0.2 PCR, 0.6 and 1.5 ml tubes
  • Simple temperature calibration for CLIA
The NoZone Ozone Scrubber is designed to destroy ambient ozone levels at a flow rate of 70 SCFM. Ambient air containing ozone enters the instrument and is destroyed with proprietary media. Internal fans propel the air through the unit. Ozone‐free air is expelled out the opposite side. The scrubber should be used in conjunction with an enclosure.
A SciGene Little Dipper Microarray Processor is a programmable, robotic instrument that automates the various post-hybridization processing steps used with microarrays. The Little Dipper instrument improves data quality by eliminating sample handling and by controlling wash buffer/reagent temperatures and times, agitation rates and centrifuge/drying conditions. Each system arrives configured for your platform and programmed with recommended protocols.